Rally-O is a great dog sport that promotes teamwork with your dog and can be enjoyed by dogs and people of any age.

The dog and their handler are required to navigate a course of 10 or more stations. Each station has a numbered sign which directs the team to perform an exercise such as figure 8s, spirals, presents, finishes, serpentines, send over jump, changes of pace etc.

The main goal in Rally-O is to gain a score of at least 90% (Novice Level) and so earn a qualifying certificate. There are several levels of titles to work toward, each more challenging than the one before, with longer courses, more difficult exercises and stricter criteria for success.

Rally-O provides interest and the opportunity for the acquisition of a variety of skills for the young dog who has learnt basic obedience, such as sit, down, walk on a loose leash etc,  and it also provides something for the older dog that may no longer be able to pursue more active sports such as agility.

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