For enrolment please use the form below and complete the questions. This will be emailed to Use one form submission per dog. You will be put on the waiting list for the next course. Prior to the next course you will be sent a reminder and information about attending enrolment night.

Term 3 course is now full, however still please complete our EOI as this will put you on the waiting list. We may have cancellations and will contact you if a place becomes available, if not then our next course starts in February 2023.

What you need to bring on first course night  |  Enrolment and course dates

    Expression of interest to enrol

    • Owner/Handler

    • Dog details

    • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    • Have you attended any previous classes at club? Any issues we should be aware of? Any other comments?

    You will need to bring on enrolment night:

    • Council dog registration (tag or receipt showing number)
    • Current vaccination certificate
    • Cash or cheque (no eftpos available) or payment can be made by Direct credit (details will be in email confirmation)

    Domestic Training Dates 

    TERM ONE: Enrolment Night Tuesday 28th January
    Tuesday 4th February to Tuesday 31st March
    8 Weeks plus Assessment (31st March)                        

    TERM TWO: Enrolment Night Tuesday 21st April
    Tuesday 28th April to Tuesday 23rd June
    8 Weeks plus Assessment (23rd June)                                        

    TERM THREE: Enrolment Night Tuesday 22nd September
    Tuesday 29th September to Tuesday 24th November
    8 Weeks plus Assessment (24th November)