Titles and Awards

Title or Award Date obtained Dog Name owner


Obedience Champion 1989 Tessa Patti Roberts
Obedience Champion 13-Nov-05 Haste Paula Edwards (Clapham)
Obedience Champion May-07 Nasa Paula Edwards (Clapham)
Obedience Champion 5-May-12 JD Tracy Anderson


CDX 1991 Magnum Dianne Haswell
CDX 1993 Jess Paula Clapham
CDX 1993 Kasey Karen Hourigan
CDX 1993 Laddie Carrie Wilman
CDX 1994 Gretel Paula Clapham
CDX 1994 Jazzman Nicky Detheridge-Davies
CDX 1994 Bonn Cherie Gear
CDX 1994 Spy Cherie Gear
CDX 1995 Jenna Betty Jeeves
CDX 1996 Chico Elaine Rohde
CDX 1997 Willow Paula Clapham
CDX 1997 Shot Elaine Rohde
CDX 1999 Dimple Nicky Detheridge-Davies
CDX 2000 Chas Tracy Anderson
CDX 16 Feb 02 Karn Wendy Mackay
CDX 16 Sep 06 Kira Wendy Mackay
CDX - Bonnie Joan Gibbs
CDX 2011 Col Robin Gemmill
CDX 2012 Roxy Rachel Walford
CDX 22-Mar-14 Bailey Joan Gibbs
CDX-Bronze 12 Sep 09 Monty Wendy Mackay
CDX-Bronze 19-Jun-10 JD Tracy Anderson
CD-Silver 21-Mar-15 Bailey Joan Gibbs
CDX-Silver 19 Sep 10 Monty Wendy Mackay
CDX-Silver Gee Rae Hughes
CDX-Gold 24 Mar 12 Monty Wendy Mackay
Test C Qualified 30-Sep-10 JD Tracy Anderson
Test C Qualified - Chas Tracy Anderson
Test C Qualified 07 Nov 10 Monty Wendy Mackay

The Unsung Heroes

Non Champ Dogs that have achieved Challenges
Obedience Challenge Nov-12 Monty Wendy Mackay